Recommendations and Goals
There are steps New Hampshire can take to positively impact access to and quality of mental health
and traumatic brain injury services for veterans. Towards that end, the Commission makes the
following recommendation to the Governor and New Hampshire Legislature.
Establish a permanent Commission on PTSD and TBI that will review the
information provided in
Commission on PTSD and TBI Report, as well as develop, coordinate,
and oversee the goals identified below. The proposed legislation for the permanent Commission on
PTSD and TBI is provided as Attachment 1.
Commission goals will include the following:
Organize veteran focus groups to help identify barriers and opportunities to reduce stigma
facing veterans and service members.
Target Community Mental Health Centers, hospitals and private practitioners in its outreach to
increase education, training and coordination between military and civilian providers. Ensure
that VA eligibility is included in all trainings.
Provide oversight and coordination of a public awareness campaign that increases education
and awareness among providers and the general public.
Engage VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers, National Guard and community providers in
establishing a coordinated and collaborative continuum of care that improves access to care,
transfer of care and quality of care for veterans, service members and their families.
Organize veteran focus groups to help in identifying the barriers and opportunities that impact
the access of care, transfer of care and quality of care for veterans and service members.
Develop a Peer Navigation Network among state, federal and local partners that can help
veterans and their families navigate the system and access the help they need. Natural
navigators already exist in the below organizations:
American Legion
Disabled American Veterans
NH State Police
NH Deployment Cycle Support Care Coordination Program
NH National Guard – Family Program and Transition Assistance Advisor
NH Office of Veteran Services
NH Vet to Vet Program
ServiceLink Aging & Disability Resource Center
VA Medical Centers
NH Vet Centers
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Wounded Warriors @ 45 North
Build the capacity of New Hampshire’s nationally recognized
Neuro-Resource Facilitation
Program to provide specialized veteran brain injury neuro-resource facilitation for both
veterans and their families living with TBI.
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