Related Activities
SB 319 extended the Commission through December 2013, and added new membership from
Disabled American Veterans, NH Medical Society, NH Air National Guard and NH
Employment Security.
SB 90 extended the Commission through November 1, 2014.
Training & Consultation
NH Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Behavioral Health partnered with
SAMHSA and the Commission on the development of Veteran Maps of New Hampshire –
Series I & II.
Manchester VA Medical Center provided data on veterans who have been treated for post-
traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, substance misuse and suicide risk.
Military & Civilian Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Collaborative provided partnership support to
the Commission Survey and spearheaded the Military Orientation Training for Brain Injury
Military Leadership Team provided leadership review of Commission work and
SAMHSA provided consultation and support on Veteran Map of New Hampshire: Series I.
University of NH Survey Center provided consultation and analysis of 2012 Veteran Survey,
with a response from 1,170 NH Veterans.
ACT ONE presented an event series based on Kate Wenner’s
Make Sure It’s Me
, a play about
traumatic brain injury in American service members. This play reached 800 people throughout
the State.
American Red Cross spearheaded a provider survey, reaching 80 military and civilian agencies.
Brain Injury Association of NH provided a veteran survey website and sponsored a
Commission Table Booth at Service Credit Union Boston-Portsmouth Air Show, reaching
60,000 attendees.
NH Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services
provided data on homeless veterans who access homeless and housing services.
Congressman Charles Bass’ Office provided an intern from NH National Guard, Critical Care
Air Transport.
NH Air National Guard Representative served as Secretary for the Commission, documenting
information and activities.
NH Deployment Cycle Support Care Coordination Program (DCS-CCP) provided mental
health data from 2,200 post 9/11 veterans and service members, as well as their families. The
DCS-CCP Clinical Director also provided consultation on the Commission Report.
NH Medical Society provided sponsorship of $400.
NH Psychological Association conducted a survey, reaching 37 licensed psychologists.
Springfield College actively participated in Commission meetings, developing education and
outreach materials for civilian mental health agencies.
Veterans of Foreign Wars provided sponsorship of $3,000.
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