Vermont National Guard Family Readiness
Phone: (800) 607-8773 Website
Eligibility: All Veterans
Financial Counseling
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
Phone: (800) 881-2462 Website
Live United (United Way)
Phone: (703) 836-7112 Website
Eligibility: Veterans
Military OneSource
Phone: (800) 342-9647 Website
Eligibility: Veterans*/Active Duty/Reserves/ Family Members
Navy-USMC Relief Society
Portsmouth, NH Phone: (207) 438-1832 Fax: (207) 438-1830 Website:
Eligibility: AD Navy and USMC/ Retired, NOAA, Family members whose active member has passed.
Operation Forever Free
Phone: (469) 892-7200 Website
Eligibility: deployed, active, veteran military service members and their families; those challenged physically, mentally and
emotionally with Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain injuries, those experiencing long- term care in hospitals, rehabilitation
centers and shelters.
Operation Home Front
Phone: (888) 810-0221 Website
Eligibility: All Veterans/Guard/Reserve
Rebuild Hope
Phone: (650) 321-4930 Website:
families of current era veterans who are: dealing with serious service-connected injuries or illnesses, experiencing
short term unexpected financial problems for reasons other than unemployment, committed to achieving financial self-
sufficiency, and would significantly benefit from our financial assistance.
To qualify for financial assistance applicants must meet several criteria: The veterans must have received a medical disability
rating of 50% or more from either the military or Veterans Administration, Their medical discharge must have occurred during the
past 3 years, They must demonstrate their ability to achieve a positive cash flow generally within 6 months, i.e., they must have
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