Semper Fi Fund
Phone: (760) 725-3680 Fax: (760) 725-3685 Website:
Eligibility: USMC & Some Navy Corpsman
Unmet Needs
Phone: (866) 789-6333 Website
Eligibility: Veterans that have hardship due to service/ Was in combat or active duty within the last three years
USA Cares
Phone: (800) 773-0387 Website
Eligibility: All Services
Vermont National Guard Family Readiness
Phone: (800) 607-8773 Website
Eligibility: All Veterans
Veteran Love Fund
Phone: (305) 673-2856 Fax: (866) 777-9431 Website:
Eligibility: OEF.OIF Veterans/ Established VA presence/ Service Connected
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Phone: (866) 789-6333 Website
Eligibility: OEF/OIF
Veterans Support Foundation
Phone: (800) 882-1316, ext126
Eligibility: All Veterans
General Financial Assistance
AFAS: Emergency Assistance
Basic Living Expenses; Emergency Travel; Vehicle Expenses; Funeral Expenses; Medical/Dental; Child
Care/Respite; Moving Expenses; Miscellaneous Expenses.
Phone: (800) 769-8951 Websites:
Eligibility: Active duty Air Force personnel and their eligible family members, Retired Air Force personnel and their eligible family
members, but not on a continuing basis, and based on a case-by-case review, Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve personnel on
extended active duty 15 days or more under Title 10 USC, Spouses and dependent age children of deceased Air Force personnel (who
died on active duty or in retired status)
American Legion: National Commission on Children & Youth
Phone: (317) 630-1323 Website:
limited to minor children (17 years or younger) whose biological parent, or legal guardian, is a veteran and is, or
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