Eligibility: All Services, post-9/11service members, veterans and their families financial
Veterans Plus
Eligibility: OEF/OIF service members (active duty and veteran status).
Helps meet the needs of individuals or families that have been affected by job loss, illness, other substantial income impairment or
significant unexpected expense. This could include an overdue mortgage payment, needed repairs to an automobile, payment of
a utility bill or other circumstances requiring prompt assistance.
Warrior Legacy Foundation
POC: Ms. Pam Payeur, Program Director Phone: (207) 468-1026 Website
Eligibility: Wounded Maine Veterans
Home Repair
AFAS: Emergency Assistance
Phone: (800) 769-8951 Websites:
Eligibility: Active duty Air Force personnel and their eligible family members, Retired Air Force personnel and their eligible family
members, but not on a continuing basis, and based on a case-by-case review, Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve personnel on
extended active duty 15 days or more under Title 10 USC, Spouses and dependent age children of deceased Air Force personnel (who
died on active duty or in retired status)
Building Dreams for Marines
Phone: (800) 858-6613 Website:
Eligibility: to assist Marines who have honorably served and have a physically-limiting condition, with life-enhancing modifications
to their homes.
Operation Family Fund
Phone: (760) 793-0053 Website:
Eligible members and families of members of Military and Civilian personnel who died or who have been severely disabled while
serving their country as a result of Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom both domestically and abroad.
Member is defined as any person serving officially as an employee of the U.S. federal government or contractor to the U.S. federal
government. Proof of employment and assignment to Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom will be required. A certified copy of the
death certificate will be required. The Operation Family Fund Board of Directors along with medical consultants shall determine
eligibility of severely disabled members.
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