3-4 week intensive outpatient treatment program for active duty service members who have TBI with or without complicating factors
such as PTSD, cognitive impairments, and chronic pain. Service members from anywhere in New England and from any branch of
service are eligible."
Veteran and Military Support Services
Deployment Cycle Support Care Coordination Program and Veterans Count
Contact Name: Chrystn Pitt, Intake Coordinator
Contact Number: (603) 315-4354
Web Site:
Description of Services: The Deployment Cycle Support Care Coordination Program (DCS-CCP) provides pro-active support and
service coordination to Service Members/Families before, during, and after deployment. The program also provides solution-oriented
assistance to post-9/11 veterans regardless of deployment status. DCS-CCP Care Coordinators will meet with Service Members,
Veterans, and Families in or near their homes, at a time that is convenient, and will help address any social service needs. The
program works in conjunction with Easter Seals Veterans Count, a philanthropic program that provides emergency/critical financial
Eligibility Criteria for Service: Services Members and their families who live or drill in New Hampshire that served post 9/11. SM/F
in the deployment cycle (one year pre, during, one year post) are eligible for comprehensive, pro-active assistance and service
coordination. All post-9/11 veterans are eligible for solution-oriented assistance and service coordination.
Military OneSource
Contact Name: Mr. John E. Nelson II
Contact Number: (603) 227-5047 or (603) 491-6612 or 1-800-342-9647
Web Site:
Description of Services: A free service provided by the Department of Defense to Service Members and their families to help with a
broad range of concerns including money management, spouse employment and education, parenting, deployment, and reunion.
Auto Repairs
AFAS: Emergency Assistance
Phone: (800) 769-8951 Websites:
Eligibility: Active duty Air Force personnel and their eligible family members, Retired Air Force personmernel and their eligible
members, but not on a continuing basis, and based on a case-by-case review, Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve
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